Dec 172011

 Six Metal Disc Coasters With Stand

Disc Coasters - Set Of 7The only thing I hate more than water rings on my table is coasters. For the most part I thing coasters are ugly by necessary. Coasters are a tool that I need to put up with because they perform a task that nothing else will take care of. Half the time I end up using a book or magazine or something else that I just end up ruining instead.

If only they made a set of coasters that looked cool and modern when they were not in use. Then I may be more likely to have them out and available when I need them.

Then I ran into a set of coasters that looked so cool and worked so well I have never ruined a paperback since I bought them. These sleek and modern Stainless Steel Disc Coasters have a hip, industrial look. They are cut from a solid sheet of stainless steel backed with a thick foam rubber pad that protects you table from scratches and condensation. Each disc has a large hole punched out of the center that slides over the wide spindle on the stainless steel stand for easy and attractive storage when not in use.

They look great on your home bar or on your cocktail table looking cool and sculptural rather than…well, like coasters. The stainless steel finish stays bright and is easy to keep clean and shiny. After seeing these for the first time I had a hard time finding these Stainless Steel Disc Coasters for sale but I finally found them available from Chiasso for $69.00. That may seem a little pricey but they look cool enough to keep out and available so I actually use them. Besides, I have probably saved at least that much on ruined books and magazines.

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